Concert by “Die Prinzen”, Reichenbach

“How good does HOMMBRU sound?”

We want to answer this question by inviting “Die Prinzen” to give a concert using HOMMBRU speakers. We developed our sound elements to meet the requirements of a concert.

16 white panels decorated the ceiling of our production hall, which turned into a concert hall for this event. The starting point was our product area. We developed particularly powerful sound elements in a size of 1.50m x 80cm, which we additionally refined with light at the lower edge. “Die Prinzen”, the audience and we enjoyed the finest HOMMBRU concert sound. So it’s clear: HOMMBRU officially stands up to concert requirements in terms of volume and sound quality.

By the way… The back-up system demanded by tha band remained true to its inscription “Today out of service”.

You can find more information about the ZUKUNFTSMUSIK event and what else was going on here.

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