Customized Design Speaker

Custom Made Speaker

Area is a wall loudspeaker, which you can individually design to measure. Customize your design speaker! You determine the size and material as desired. We take care of its sound and the careful production in our manufactory.

Thus, invisible speakers become reality. In addition to many color and wood variants, it is also possible to print area. Why not bring the last holiday photo to sound?

areal unsichtbarer lautsprecher bedruckt wohnzimmer-sofa hommbru
areal unsichtbarer lautsprecher bedruckt zum selbst gestalten hommbru

Sound for every room

Made of extremely fine mineral material, the area is splash-proof and antibacterial. No dusty holes or loose cables – because your wall speaker just delivers pure sound.

Continue to choose how you want to use your speakers. Whether as a background sound in the kitchen when cooking or astonishing cinema sound for your living room. Depending on use, we offer area in 3 different depths: Choose between 4cm, 8cm or 12cm.

Customize Surface and dimensions

Your Favorite music

For a rich surround sound, few wall speakers can be connected together.

To control it, use your smartphone, tablet or computer. With it you send as usual via Bluetooth your desired music to Areal.

Power is supplied to your design speaker via a standard power cable.

areal unsichtbarer lautsprecher wohnzimmer hommbru
  • Custom-made design speakers
  • You determine surface (color, wood or print), length and width as well as the depth
  • Water repellent and antibacterial – without black grid with holes or cable clutter
  • Handmade in our manufactory in Germany
  • Multiple speakers can be coupled
  • own amplifier for control included (Bluetooth and AUX)
  • From 30cm to 150cm
  • Weight depends on the configurations: 4kg – 30kg
  • Areal plays hi-fi standard
  • frequency response: 40 Hz – 17.000 Hz
  • made of very fine composit material
  • Wall suspension included
  • Please make sure that your wall can withstand the weight
  • wipe with a damp cloth
  • no chemicals as bleach,…
  • Care set for mineral material optional

About us

ABOUT US TEAM As a 6-member team, we want to make all surfaces sound – invisible. We are tinkerers, design lovers, family. Matthias Hommel Founder/

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How it works

HOW IT WORKS See the video Origin INSPIRED BY THE FUNCTION AND SENSUALITY OF THE INSTRUMENTS HOMMBRU speakers are similar to the principle of instruments.

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Projects Create space with sound Projects often require individual solutions, also in terms of acoustics. With HOMMBRU you have the opportunity to design loudspeakers yourself

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