Create space with sound

Projects often require individual solutions, also in terms of acoustics. With HOMMBRU you have the opportunity to design loudspeakers yourself and integrate them harmoniously into the interior. Thus, the technology is based on the design of the room – and not vice versa.

The applied principle of these loudspeakers creates completely new possibilities for distributing sound pleasantly in the room.

– Dr. Sebastian Merchel, Institute for Acoustics at University of Dresden

Sound creates space

Colors, shapes and light create a space. But what about sound? How big is the impact on the beauty of a room?

Find out. Select an option in the following image and experience the symbiosis of sound and design.

Please make sure your speakers are turned on.

This is an interactivecontrol panel. Click on the elementsand find out the differences of ambient sound without and with HOMMBRU. menu COMMONSOLUTION WITHOUTSOUND HOMMBRU

process of a project

We advise you for optimal acoustics in your project. You determine the design and size of the invisible speakers – we optimize and manufacture them to the spatial conditions.


Unfortunately there is no such thing as the one and only solution when it comes to acoustics. Therefore, we ask you about the requirements of your project. Questions like the size of the room, its use and above all YOUR wishes. Or should speakers be installed in furniture, on the wall or in the wall?


With our trained acousticians we develop a concept for you and the people who will stay in this room. We are happy to offer you an entire solution with speakers, absorbers and amplifiers.


No black plastic, no long delivery times or routes. Our invisible loudspeakers from HOMMBRU are manufactured in Saxony, Germany. In this way, you benefit from short communication channels and maximum flexibility.


In addition to the delivery, we offer our assembly service. Next to installing the speakers, this includes the installation and acoustic measurement of those in the room.

And how can a project look like? Very different. Take a look at our references. Inspire your tune!

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