Invisible loudspeakers integrated into the rear wall of a kitchen – this is also possible with HOMMBRU.
The sound elements fill the open kitchen with 180 degree radiation and let it ring out with your favourite music. In order not to interfere with the interior with dark materials, the surface is veneered with wood. Thus no black loudspeaker boxes destroy the harmonious overall picture.
Also optimal for hygienic reasons, because HOMMBRU has no holes in the surface, it can be easily cleaned. Food remains in grids of conventional loudspeakers are thus history.
The Hommel manufactory was responsible for the interior design, manufacture and installation of the kitchen including loudspeakers.

A house of the City-Marina Cuxhaven extends over four floors.

HOMMBRU enriches the show house with additional sound elements from the hallway to the bedroom. The loudspeakers are invisibly integrated into the surroundings and fill them with music. The product area was manufactured at different places in most different executions. In most cases they were integrated as cabinet fronts as drawers or cabinet doors.
The in-house multimedia system supplies each element with music. So it is possible to hear the same thing in every room or to sound each room individually – and nowhere do conventional loudspeakers disturb the overall impression of the room.

The colour and material concept of the show house is inspired by its location in the immediate vicinity of the North Sea. The planning and implementation of the interior work was completely carried out by the Hommel manufactory. The built-in furniture is provided with many small practical details and fits perfectly into the special architecture of the City-Marina terraced houses.