Sleep + Eat Event London

The Sleep + Eat event in London is a renowned hotel event for hoteliers, restaurateurs and designers. Here the heads behind Europe’s leading hotel projects meet for networking and inspiration.

Since acoustics are also becoming increasingly important in the hotel sector, we were invited as HOMMBRU by Yasmine Mahmoudieh. Thus we integrated invisible sound into the hotel room of the future.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh talking to HOMMBRU CEO Matthias Hommel

Yasmine Mahmoudieh

The versatile architect, interior designer and entrepreneur Yasmine Mahmoudieh has successfully designed everything from the interior of the Airbus A380 to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. After designing a sleeping set for the Sleep + Eat event in 2013, she was delighted to receive another invitation. In 2018 she presented the hotel room of the future.

The hotel room of the future

Inspired by literary themes such as happiness, love and wisdom that transcend space and time, the Sleep Set tells a story.

Digital Detox

There should be no visible technology in the centre of the room – so-called “digital detox”.

The room rather played on the senses with influences of sound, scent and light. Inspired by “Elizabeth and Her German Garden”, a novel by Elizabeth von Arnim, the natural bathroom had structural tiles from Mosa. The shower experience includes chirping birdsongs and is completed by a relaxed lighting atmosphere.




And where did the sound come from?

Our invisible loudspeakers “Area” were integrated into the wall.
After the overpainting and the wallpaper there is no more visible technology – fitting to the goal of Yasmine Mahmoudieh of the “Digital Detox”.


Copyright Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Further information about our products

For invisible wall installation there is our product Area. You receive this individually and custom-made directly from us.

If you design entire interior of rooms and want to have advice for acoustics and speakers, you can find out more about our projects.

Thus the invisible sound is only one request away.

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