Trade Fair – imm cologne 2019

January 2019 – it’s imm in Cologne again. At the international furniture fair, we played music with invisible speakers in kitchens – at the booth of LEICHT Küchen AG at the partner fair Living Kitchen.

LEICHT Kitchens

This time we set the kitchen in motion.
LEICHT kitchens are known for their innovative, high-quality interior design kitchens. The Swabian company operates worldwide and has been producing in Germany for over 80 years.

And what’s new in 2019?
The first sounding cabinet fronts with HOMMBRU!

Sound without conventional speakers

Compared to many other booths you noticed immediately : Here music is playing!
At LEICHT’s booth, room-filling lounge music sounded, bringing the visitor into a homely ambience.
12 sound modules, which were invisibly integrated, were responsible for the entire sound of the booth – without conventional speakers.

The sounding cabinet front

But how was sound created?

We integrated our HOMMBRU technology into two different modules. Of the twelve invisible loudspeakers, six were fixedly mounted as wall panels and thus could not be recognized as loudspeakers.

wall panel with HOMMBRU technology


Cabinet front as invisible speaker

On the other side there were sounding cabinet fronts.
Many visitors puzzled over the meaningfulness of the box on the back of the front. But it was neither fridge nor safe, because: It is simply music.

The front of the cabinet only needs to be 10cm thick in order to experience rich sound in the kitchen. The cabinet itself remains as storage space.
The clear sound radiates 180 degrees. Therefore even with the door closed roomfilling sound is audible.

It’s nice to see that there are special brands like LEICHT Kitchens that dare to innovate. Of course we are all the more pleased as HOMMBRU to have been a part of it this year and to have made the LEICHT front sound with our know-how.

Matthias Hommel, CEO



As a HOMMBRU team, we are very grateful for this opportunity to integrate our technology into LEICHT kitchens.
For any questions about the HOMMBRU principle, we helped with answeres and advice. We are still happy about the nice feedback on our invisible loudspeakers!

Let’s see at which booth the imm you will find us next year …


all pictures

… and where can I get LEICHT kitchens with invisible speakers?

LEICHT has a very large dealer network in Germany and around the world.

Please contact your dealer if you have any questions or requests. You can find dealers on the website of LEICHT Kitchens.

Further information about our products

You are furniture manufacturer and want to make your product sound? More information about the development can be found here.

If you design your own rooms and want design speakers, you will learn more about projects.

Thus, the invisible sound is just a request away.

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