Whiteboard with sound

Most people know a whiteboard. It combines the description and magnetic effect in one. Some even use it as a projection surface for e.g. beamers.

What would it be like, if that still makes a sound? So you make the loudspeaker superfluous and can give a 180° sound into the room?

Features of a Whiteboard

In cooperation with the company HOMAPAL we are able to implement exactly that. Our sound element is coated with a magnetic surface. Thus extra loudspeakers are omitted and the sound for your music or speech transmission is delivered room-filling.

A whiteboard from HOMMBRU is

+ writeable blackboard
+ magnetic board
+ projection screen and
+ Loudspeaker

in one product!

Areal als Beamerleinwand im Wohnzimmer

Konferenzraum mit Beamerleinwand und integrierten Lautsprecher von Hommbru

How this can sound can be seen and heard in the conference room near Zwickau.
The client wanted a modern, clear style. Very few people suspect that the whiteboard is the loudspeaker. For reference, click here.

Due to the large surface the HOMMBRU sounds with a good level. After a hard day’s work, the conference room can easily become a movie theater…

Information about the product

The basic product is area. The whiteboard was a special further development of this to achieve even more size and louder sound. You can find out what the Area is and what it can do here.

… can this also be done in a different size?

Sure. Would you also like a conference room with a sounding whiteboard? Say goodbye to loudspeaker boxes and cable clutter.

We manufacture your whiteboard according to your wishes! Feel free to contact us!

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