ZUKUNFTSMUSIK – Concert by “Die Prinzen”

“Die Prinzen” give a concert over HOMMBRU

We want to show that acoustics and design do not have to be a contradiction in terms.

True to our motto “Good bye loudspeaker boxes. Good bye cable clutter. Welcome design.” we invited architects, hotel planners and innovative entrepreneurs to demonstrate our HOMMBRU technology.

We developed our sound elements to meet the requirements of a concert.
“Die Prinzen” took part as one of the famoust bands of Germanyin the experimen. They gave the very first concert over HOMMBRU – with full success.

Video in German

The production hall turns into a concert location

We’ve rearranged our production hall a bit.
In addition to homemade Pizza from the entire HOMMBRU® team, there were red chairs instead of carcass presses and an 11m wide stage instead of a saw.

A glance over the audience area gave an idea that the 16 white panels were responsible for the sound transmission of the evening.

Die Prinzen geben ein Konzert mit der Technologie von HOMMBRU

Die Prinzen geben ein Konzert mit der Technologie von HOMMBRU

Before the “Die Prinzen” gave the concert in the second part of the event, well reputated speaker were talking about the effect of sound on people and its design in space. Speakers were architect and interior designer Johannes Berschneider from Berschneider+Berschneider, Dr. Sebastian Merchel from the acoustic institute of Unisversity of Dresden and sound designer Robin Hofmann from HearDis!.

In the second part, we as HOMMBRU explained what this technology can actually do and how it works. But most importantly, with HOMMBRU you can become the designer of your own speaker, choose your own color and size.
Our vision as a team is to make all surfaces sound in a wide variety of rooms. We wanted to know what a HOMMBRU of the future could look like. And the best idea got an unique golden Tonbox from us.

But enough talk.
From then on, “Die Prinzen” started singing. For an hour, the hall was flooded with high-quality loud music.

Das HOMMBRU Team erklaert, wie unsichtbare Lautsprecher funktionieren

We are very happy to be the first band in the world to do this.

Die Prinzen

Die Prinzen geben ein Konzert mit der Technologie von HOMMBRU

We are delighted that these Thomaner-choir-educated voices took part in our daring experiment and sang over unprecedented loudspeakers.

What made it even more exciting: For safety’s sake, there was a back-up system that was required. However, this did justice to its inscription “Out of service today” throughout the evening.
As a HOMMBRU team, we are still very happy that our speakers did what they were designed to do until the very last sound: Concert sounds transmitted in high quality, so that “Die Prinzen” were satisfied and the audience had goose bumps. These panels are a special development of our product area.

Fruther impressions of the evening